The Revolution Will Be Drawn

We partnered with an independent citizen-led redistricting commission appointed by the non-profit CHANGE Illinois to empower Chicagoans to choose their alders, in an attempt to break the cycle of gerrymandering.

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Combating Voter Suppression and Corrupt Ward Maps in Chicago

Restoring Power to the People

In a milestone campaign with historic implications for unifying Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods —  we were able to take an activist approach to redistricting reform and fight gerrymandering.

Chicagoans rallied behind being a part of the redistricting process of their wards, and they showed up in a big way! Marching in front of City Hall, attending press conferences, and signing petitions to make their voices heard.

In a race against elected officials to mobilize the public to advocate for a Ward map that was drawn or the people, by the people, we help increase awareness about Chicago’s redistricting process to bring an end to the closed-door backroom map drawing by those in power and to make it more public-facing process and to encourage voters to hold their representatives accountable.

By emphasizing the benefits of voter empowerment, “The People’s Map” would result in restoring the power of the ballot and choosing representatives that put the people's interest first.

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We took a phased approach to this significant undertaking.

First, informing and educating Chicagoans about gerrymandering and it’s effects before organizing people to take action and make their voices heard. We conducted in-depth discovery interviews with hundreds of Chicagoans to uncover what they care about most in their community. This insight allowed us to demystify gerrymandering for a larger audience to focus on priorities like public safety, infrastructure, affordable housing and more.

Through our Outreach Teams’ canvassing efforts, we were able to secure petitions, testimonies, and letters to the Alders for the campaign.


Restoring Power to the People

Utilizing our strategic partnerships with large community organizations, business associations and faith-based coalitions, we deployed our Outreach Teams in communities most affected by the remapping process. Through our Outreach Teams’ canvassing efforts, we were able to secure petitions, testimonies, and letters to the Alders for the campaign.

Social Media

Social Activism through Social Media

Systematic revolution is a gradual process, but by using the power of a social campaign, we were able to put more pressure on Chicago’s elected officials to allow the people to be a part of the redistricting process. We carried out a hyper-targeted social ad strategy that prioritized 10 Wards where Alderpersons were most likely to support our map, then through testing and refinement, were able to re-prioritize the neighborhoods and expand the audience subset to reach residents across Chicago’s 50 Wards.

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