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Designing Your Future

Sam Cronin

Creative Insights

How do you make a change as a creative? How do you design the world you want to see? Reframing the way you interact with the world changes the world. As a creative, you have the potential to reach audiences and influence the culture of everyday life.

Deliverables with a one-day turnaround may not have earth-shattering effects. However, there’s an opportunity with every deliverable, pitch, doc, and email to plant the seeds for the world you want to see.

Creating impact doesn’t start with landing a big commercial client, it starts by holding court with your community, being committed to the smallest of tasks, and collaborating with diverse perspectives. What if you gave every project the same attention you would for Nike or Google?

Approach design as a public service. Understanding the implications of your work and who in the community stands to benefit means widening the lens of our perspective.

How often do we have the opportunity to make meaningful change? Well, every day, and that’s the point. Find the meaning in your work, understand that you are the bigger picture, and it’s ensuring you are the best version of yourself so you can best serve others. Not 10 years from now, not tomorrow, but today.

Creative Insights
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