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The Discipline of a Creative

Joel Lopez

Creative Insights

The discipline of a creative is to recognize that everything you create is a seed. 

Just like a seed, you determine how it will be nourished and watered. Seed only produces seed of its own kind and it’s this warmth that allows for the embrace of hope not just for your season but for the many others you will nourish. I’ve learned to embrace the following 4 seasons that allowed for continual growth in discipline and creativity.

A time to heal

Your journey and story is unique and authentic. Honesty is a form of honor. Take a moment of solidarity to empathize with yourself. The framework becomes, can you honor a moment in time (good or bad) and engraft a future hope for yourself.

A time to plant

The groundwork can look different for everyone but always plant with a mission in mind. Insecurity is like unwanted weeds and whenever you’re mission-led, you’re able to uproot the thing that is cutting the air supply to your mission. Milestones, deadlines and problem solving become obtainable and ever more clear.

A time to speak

When you see your message as gospel, sharing becomes a necessary part. Create new opportunities for yourself and challenge yourself to different ways of communicating. Sometimes the answer is creating and carving a space that has yet to exist and allowing for your message to flow and breathe from there.

A time to dance

Community is formed when souls begin to align to a message. Celebrate with this community and let it provide oxygen for someone new. Marvel at how personal a message can be and yet have the power to transcend to the masses and produce new seeds of hope for future generations.

Always trust your training, lean onto your strengths and build from that space.
Do what you can today “for tomorrow will worry about itself".

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Creative Insights
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